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Free translation services for resuming work and production
Date: 2020-03-18    Source:CNIS   

The Smart Translation System of Standardization has begun to offer the public with English-Chinese translation services free of charge since February 1, 2020, supporting the virus control through providing standards information. The platform is an important achievement of the Research on Common Technologies and Application of National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) undertaken by CNIS.

It can provide fast Chinese-English translation of standards texts and information in standardization in various formats, materials in other fields as well. And it integrates the concept of "co-construction and sharing". Each user is both a user and a contributor to the platform's corpus. Over a year after putting into use, the platform has provided translation services of over 300 million Chinese characters and English words.

Users have free access to the platform on the platform website after registration, or by visiting the website of CNIS ( and China Standards Service Network (



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