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CNIS contributes to standardization of green packaging
Date: 2020-08-18    Source:CNIS   

With approval of the State Council of China, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and other seven ministries and national bureaus jointly issued the Guiding opinions on enhancing green packaging standardization in express delivery industry, unveiling the overall plan for the standardization work in the area in the coming three years.

Over 9 million tons of paper wastes and 1.8 million tons of plastic wastes are produced by China's express delivery industry every year, which are still rapidly growing. The impact of those wastes on the environment cannot be neglected. To this end, the Guiding Opinions identifies the overall objectives and key tasks for standardizing green packaging in the express delivery industry in the coming three years, based on the principles of green, simplified and recycling packaging. The document draws great attention from around the nation.

CNIS has been deeply involved in the formulation of the document. From investigating into the status of green packaging standardization, designing standards system, to assisting SAMR in related work, CNIS has played an important role in formulating the Guiding Opinions. Next, CNIS will continue to use its technical strengths in the area and actively participate in the development of key standards and assessment of standards implementation, contributing more to the green campaign in the express delivery industry. 


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